Biyernes, Enero 13, 2012

Ever felt of denying yourself from everything that should make you more successful than what you have achieve  so far? I have always felt this way and it made me realize that I must be more active in my life today. Active in a way that I must improve myself, build myself more confidence, and surround myself with people that will help me climb the top and reject those I think would grab me down.

In making this realizations physically distinguished, I made myself a little-handy booklet where I would write everything that is useful to me. I jot down excerpts of inspirational thoughts from famous achievers and philosophers and read these lines everyday. The activity helped me a lot to reminding myself of what to be done. As they say, "write and it shall be done", right?As you see, we all have brilliant thoughts in us we all have the capacity to make changes, but we ought to forget it in an instant,at least in recording all our ideas in a clean and nice notebook or diary we are always reminded that we still have task to be done. I already made a little progress in this method and is very happy to have done something for myself in such a little way that would help me grow as a person. My perspective in life has been change by this simple ritual I acquire from the philosophers who wanted to help improve our way of thinking and attitude.

My life had never been like this, I get my inspiration from the people that always lay their support, giving their time to make me a better person. I thank them for that, for their encouragement-encouragement is the key to change and be successful, constant encouragement to ones self will boost its mind and body to act and be not a slave from laziness. And they have given me this since I met them and woe to me because I have taken it for granted for a very long time and now I am fighting and that I should have been done a long time ago- though I have regrets but I always tell myself it's never too late to change I just need to be consistent and persistent in doing this.

Today, in this very hour of my life, another little change has been done. This blog is the testimony of my struggle to get out of my comfort zone. A blog a day won't hurt be real bad (except for bloody nose:-)) in fact it will benefit me in so many ways.  I believe now to myself and I will even believe more tomorrow.